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Rainy Day Part Four


Swish! “  That’s all Sasuke heard as something whizzed past his head. He was up and on his feet in a flash. He was completely open to an attack and completely naked. He looked down at the bed, but Naruto wasn’t there.  Swish, swish!”  Again something whizzed past his head. He ducked to the floor and grabbed his clothes, and made his way to the bathroom. Sasuke quickly closed the door behind him catching his breath. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Someone was able to sneak up on him and Naruto. Not only did they sneak up, they took Naruto without him knowing. ‘Who could be doing this and why?’ Sauske thought. “Naruto! “, Sauske yelled at the top of his lungs. He listened for a response and heard nothing. Sasuke grabbed his kunai's and activated his Sharigan. “God Damn it Naruto! You better answer me! Where are you?! “ . Sasuke charged out of the bathroom and saw no one there.The window had been left open. Sasuke quickly jumped out the window and followed the tracks. Sasuke suddenly froze in his tracks as his widened in shock. He knelt down to examine it more carefully. He hoped it wasn’t what he thought it was. But it was exactly what he thought. It was a trail of Naruto’s blood and from the looks of it he badly injured. ‘What?... Why?... Who would do such a…’ Sasuke was beginning to fear the worse. But soon fear turned into anger and Sasuke leapt forward to find his cherished Dobe. “They’ll pay for this!” ,Sasuke growled as he followed the trail. He refused to fear the worse. Naruto was strong like him and would never give up. ‘Believe It!!’ ,Sauske thought to himself. He recalled all the times Naruto said that dopey line. His eye started to well up with tears. “No, it’s not going to be this way Naruto, I promise. We just started something beautiful together, and I won’t let anyone take that away. I love you and I’m coming for you.” Sasuke followed the trail all the way to edge of Konoha’s borders. “Snap!” It was too late the trapped had been set before Sasuke could react. Only a genius could devise a plan like and successfully pull it off. Next thing Sasuke saw was a fist and then complete darkness.

           Sasuke awoke to the muffling cries of Naruto. He couldn’t see his Naruto, but he knew he was near. They had blindfolded Sasuke and bound his hand and legs with rope. He tried to wriggle his hands free. But the harder he tried the more the binding cut into his wrists. He began to realize it wasn’t a rope that bound his hands but something else. He couldn’t quite figure it out. Then a door opened with slightest of ease, and he heard the shuffling of feet. It sounded like two or three people had come into the room. Naruto moaned a little and Sasuke’s head shot right up. Only to be kicked in the head by one of the kidnappers. Sasuke felt the heat of the blood that came from the blow to his head. He was angry and frustrated at the situation. ‘How could this have happened? How are they keeping me tied up like this? I know that the binding is infused with Chakra. But, who did we piss off enough to have had this done to us? Oh God, please be alright Naruto. Just hang on until I think of a way to get us out of this. Think Sasuke, think!’  Sasuke did his best to calm down and to rationally think of a plan. He heard the strangers move again. They walked to the far side of the room where Sasuke had heard Naruto cries. Again Naruto moaned and began to cry again. The strangers began to kick and beat Naruto. Naruto cried even harder. “Stop It! Leave him alone or I’ll kill you all!” Sasuke struggled on the ground. He fiercely tugged at the bindings, but he still couldn’t get free. Again the strangers said nothing and continued to be Naruto. Naruto cried but never said a word. Sasuke figured they had gagged Naruto. Sasuke face was covered in tears. They were hurting his Naruto and he could do nothing to stop it. He had promised to never let any harm come to him. He had promised to save him but he could do nothing, but cry out to Naruto and tell that he loves him. “Naruto don’t cry please, I’m here and I love you! I’ll find a way I promise, and then I’ll kill these bastards.”  Naruto heard Sasuke’s cries and did his best not cry. He believed in Sasuke and the newfound love that they share. There was only one person who Sasuke thought was behind this. It made perfect sense when he thought about it. ‘GAARA! ’ That’s who popped into Sasuke’s head. ‘He must have come home early, and came over and snuck into the apartment to surprise Naruto. But instead got a surprise himself and in a jealous rage took Naruto and set up this trap. That’s why I can’t get out these bindings, its Gaara’s chakra infused sand! That bastard!’ Sasuke had figured it all out.

         “ Gaara, you bastard! Let us go! I’m sorry you had to find out this way. But we love each other. Naruto never meant to hurt you. If you’re going to blame someone Gaara, blame me. Take it out all on me. Beat me, burn me, do what you want to me. Just don’t hurt Naruto, I know you still care for him. Why else would you have done all of this for, huh?” But Sasuke’s pleas were unheard and unanswered. The strangers continued to beat Naruto. But still Naruto never cried and took the beating. Sasuke was proud that Naruto defied them. Naruto wasn’t going to give them the pleasure of enjoying his painful cries. Once again Sasuke tried to taunt the strangers this time, “Damn you, you F***ing cowards!! Beating a defenseless ninja! Gaara you and your friends are the worse. You don’t deserve Naruto, I do! Ha! Does that piss you off Gaara?! Are you so jealous that you’ll stoop to a lower level?!” The strangers could care less if Sasuke yelled for days. They continued with torturing Naruto. This time Sasuke heard them lift Naruto up and carry him to the middle of the room. He heard them place Naruto on a table. They cut his binds and Naurto tried to struggle and fight back, but he was too weak from the beating. Even the Kyuubi was subdued in Naruto’s belly. ‘They must know a way to subdue the Kyuubi, and to keep it sealed in some way. But how, and who would know this?  These were thoughts that swam through Sasuke’s head.  The strangers had bound Naruto to the table, and they began to cut off Naruto’s clothes with a kunai. Sasuke jerked his head up at the sound of Naruto clothes being cut off. An uneasy wave of goose bumps rushed over Sasuke’s body. It went from the nape of his neck down the back of his spine. ‘What are they planning to do next?’  Sasuke was now letting his fear take over. He thought of the worse thing they could possibly do to Naruto. Sasuke pushed back the evil and horrible thought. “Damn you Gaara!! Don’t you dare rape Naruto! You F***ing pricks, you cowards you bastards. I’ll kill you all, I’ll kill you all!! Just wait Naruto I’m coming, I’ll l save you, I love you!! Gaara I’ll...” Sasuke was cutoff with another swift kick in the face. “Hmpf, he keeps calling you Gaara. What a moron?” That was the first stranger then the second piped up. “He really thinks we’re going listen to reason, and then threatens us like he could possibly do anything. I’d say he’s quite the fool.” But what came next had Sasuke totally unprepared. The next voice had turned his blood ice cold. The third stranger approached Sasuke and gently lifted Sasuke’s head to his face. Sasuke was still blindfolded, but he didn’t need to see him to know who he was. “Don’t worry, Sasuke. I’ll take great care of Naruto. I’ll give him everything he needs, and then when I’m done. I’ll kill him in front of you.”                      



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